Wireless Vibration Meter Bolt-on Sensor


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The permanent Sensor is an additional Sensor to compliment the Wireless Vibration Meter kit. The unit can be permanently bolted to the Feeder wingplate, much like the Syntechtron Inertial Stroke Transducer is. This option can be left fixed to the plant and maintenance personnel can monitor the Feeder without the need to isolate and attach a magnetic Sensor. The Sensor has a battery life of up to 10 years depending upon usage. Syntechtron recommend the Sensor be replaced when the battery has expired. One handheld Wireless Vibration Meter is capable of receiving signals from multiple permanent sensors. A number of permanently fixed bolt on sensors can be purchased for all your vibrating equipment. This is particularly useful for machinery that is difficult to access.

You can view a copy of the Wireless Vibration Meter Brochure here.