Model FV650


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From 0 up to 1500 tph

Crushed Stone (1.6t/m³) from 0 up to 1400 tph

Coal (0.8t/m³)  from 0 up to 1500 tph

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Heavy Duty 33 Hz FV650 Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder Assembly, Suspension mounted throughout at 12º decline, with 1600 mm Wide x 2450 mm Long Trough having 6mm thick side and 12mm thick bottom ARSBHN400 Liners and is fitted with a stainless steel Discharge Nose lined in Ceramic Tile (12mm thick sides and 25mm thick bottom). The Feeder is driven by an under-slung Drive Unit suitable for 415 Volts/50 Hz Service. This feeder was designed for Diamond bearing Ore with a top size of 100 x 250 x 350 mm and a density of 2000 kg/m3.

You can view a copy of the High Capacity Feeder Brochure here.