Syntechtron in conjunction with Syntron® provide industrial screening equipment that include vibrating screens and screening feeders. From mining, aggregate, asphalt, pulp and paper, chemical handling, food processing, glass, sewage treatment industries and other industrial processing applications, Syntechtron screening feeders are employed to meet the need for numerous scalping, separating, sizing, dust removal and de-watering applications. Engineered design enhancements provide quiet, effective, economical solutions for some of the most difficult screening applications.

The electromechanical range of vibrating screens provide effective and efficient screening solutions. The screen vibrations are elliptical and/or circular motion machines that keep loads lively for accelerated separation, minimising plugging and blinding. Electromechanical vibrating screens require only minimal routine maintenance which can be performed with minimal downtime since vibrator parts are quickly detachable from the vibrating screen. Powered by electromagnetic drives Syntechtron’s range of screening feeders provide efficient handling with minimal product degradation. These screen feeders have no rotating parts which means no lubrication is required and ongoing maintenance is minimal. Units range in size from small models used in light industry to large models used in heavy and mining industry.