Syntechtron in conjunction with Syntron® provide versatile, efficient feeding solutions for a broad range of processing and industrial applications. From iron ore and coal mining to aggregate, asphalt, pulp and paper, chemical handling, food processing, glass, sewage treatment industries and other industrial processing applications. Our products range from light-duty to heavy-duty electromagnetic, electromechanical and rotary vibrating feeders. Our efficient, quiet, reliable, economic and low maintenance designs are engineered to ensure longevity in any application maximising productivity with proven solutions around the world.

The electromagnetic vibratory feeders range from 0.5 to 2750 tonnes per hour with finer control and consistent feed rate. These feeders have no moving parts, which means no lubrication is required and ongoing maintenance is minimal. The electromechanical range of vibrating feeders range from 100 tonnes per hour in the smallest model to a maximum of 6000 tonnes per hour in the largest model. Their design allows for easy maintenance, quiet operation and high capacity. The other range of feeders Syntechtron offer are single mass rotary vibrating feeders (RVF). This range is a more simplistic design and a lower initial outlay, ranging from 30 tonnes per hour in the smallest model to a maximum of 3500 tonnes per hour in the largest model. The RVF range require minimal routine maintenance which can be performed with minimal downtime since vibrator parts are easily accessible.